Overseas Manpower Services

Overseas Manpower Services

Located in Mumbai- the commercial capital of India, Fayeda Travel Agency is also engaged in providing efficient Overseas Manpower services. We have evolved several creative and unique methodologies for identifying suitable candidates for our clients. Our research consultants and selectors are well trained in the recruitment process. We ensure close interactions with the clients to help us understand their requirements better. Not only finding suitable candidates for our overseas clients, we also help the selected recruits in getting all their documents in order. We help the candidates with visa application and all the related documents needed to be attested. We provide the service of emigration clearance within a short span of time for our candidates.

Fayeda Travel Agency endeavors to find suitable job applicants according to the clientΓ’€™s specifications. Suitable candidates are chosen based on their skill set, attitude, interests and competency. Our HR professional are well versed with the prevailing trends in the market, they are in tune with the changing times and needs, and constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Overseas Clients

  1. Badr Alsamaa Group of Hospitals Γ’€“ Muscat.
  2. Shifa Jeddah Poly Clinic Γ’€“ Saudi Arabia.
  3. Al Hilal Hospital Γ’€“ Bahrain.
  4. Washco Γ’€“ Saudi Arabia.
  5. Al Bak Γ’€“ Saudi Arabia.
  6. Birla Public School Γ’€“ Qatar.
  7. Golden Bricks Contracting and Trading Company Γ’€“ Qatar.
  8. Dolphin Constructions Γ’€“ Qatar.
  9. Bloom Constructions Γ’€“ Qatar
  10. Naveen Gaskets Γ’€“ Dubai
  11. Nokia Siemens --Saudi Arabia
  12. Whale trading co.-- Saudi Arabia
  13. Larson & Toubro --- UAE

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